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PT Autokorindo Pratama was established in the year of 1995 to answer the ever-increasing local demands of heavy-duty steel wheel rim. Located in Gresik, Indonesia, our company has an annual production capacity of 600,000 units. Throughout the years, we have always been looking for new, innovative ways to become an lean manufacturing company that is capable of producing steel wheels with international standards and affordable prices. This in in line with our vision to be the number 1 truck steel wheel manufacturer in Indonesia.

Our customers include major automotive manufacturers in Indonesia, such as PT Krama Yudha Tiga Berlian Motors (Mitsubishi), PT Hino Manufacturing Motors Indonesia and PT Isuzu Astra Motor Indonesia. Ever since in 2003, we have been certified with ISO and have since continually updated, with the latest being ISO9001:2008, to show our commitments to the highest quality possible. All of our products have fulfilled the Indonesian National Standard (Standar Nasional Indonesia/SNI), Japanese International Standard (JIS) and Japanese Automobile Standard Organization (JASO). Our pursuits of efficiency and perfection have been recognized by various automotive manufacturers in Indonesia through multiple awards.

Our production plant is located in Gresik, East Java, Indonesia with over 200 employees. We always try our best to create a work environment where our employees can learn and reach their potential. Consequently, we put high emphasis on good work ethics and harmonious workplaces. With kaizen (continuous improvement) and our highly-motivated employees, we believe that PT Autokorindo Pratama can become the no. 1 leader in the heavy-duty steel wheel rim industry in Indonesia.

Saat ini PT Autokorindo Pratama sedang membuka lowongan pekerjaan untuk penempatan Gresik Kebomas pada bulan Oktober 2023. Berikut adalah posisi dan kualifikasi yang dibutuhkan:

Lowongan Kerja PT Autokorindo Pratama

Admin Produksi


  • S1 Teknik (diutamakan Industri/Mesin)
  • Laki-laki/Perempuan, usia maksimal 30 tahun
  • Menguasai Microsoft Office (Excel & Powerpoint)

Job Description:

  1. Input Laporan Produksi Harian
  2. Input Analisa Masalah Produksi Harian
  3. Filling dokumen
  4. Laporan Target Produksi Mingguan + Analisa Masalah
  5. Laporan Produksi Bulanan
  6. Laporan Off Bulanan
  7. Laporan Repair Quality Harian, Mingguan, Bulanan
  8. Monitoring Visual Management Board (update harian)
  9. Balance Score Card
  10. Monitoring/rekap Tunjangan Shift Line

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