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PT Satya Langgeng Sentosa, established in 1985, is a subsidiary of Lyman Group. PT Satya Langgeng Sentosa specialized in the building material distribution with Roman and RomanGranit as its main products. Roman continues to develop innovative products by utilizing the latest ideas from the creativity of human resources and the mastery of the most advanced technology.

From 25 years ago until today, Roman has been exported to more than 60 countries on 5 continents. In the last few years, granite tiles had been added under the brand RomanGranit which maintains the same advancement and quality. Roman and RomanGranit, which are known with their excellent quality, provide customers and professionals (such as architects and interior designers) with a complete solution to their need. Roman itself is categorized as a category 1 (water absorption <3%) floor tiles, which is the highest category of floor tiles based on ISO 13006.

Roman and RomanGranit use the latest cutting-edge digital technology, known as Digital Tecnica, to create stunning, precise, luxurious and fashionable designs, colors, and textures. Additionally, Gres technology is used in Roman floor tiles to create more load-resistant, scratch-resistant, and stain-resistant floor tiles, resulting in durable and long-lasting products.

Saat ini PT Satya Langgeng Sentosa sedang membuka lowongan pekerjaan pada bulan Januari 2024. Berikut adalah posisi dan kualifikasi yang dibutuhkan:

Lowongan Kerja PT Satya Langgeng Sentosa

HR Staff


  • Maximum age 30 years old
  • Have a minimum Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology or Human Resource Management
  • Have a minimum two years of experience as a HR Staff
  • Have a proficiency in operating Microsoft Office (Word and Excel), have an experience in operating ERP system such as SAP, Oracle, or any similar system is preferred

Job Descriptions:

  1. Conducting end-to-end recruitment process (sourcing, screening, selection and onboarding)
  2. Conduct initial interview of qualified candidates
  3. Create and publish job ads in various portals and medias
  4. Follow up with candidates throughout the hiring process
  5. Maintaining a database of potential candidates for future job openings
  6. Providing recruitment report and any related administrative tasks
  7. Supporting organizational development processes, such as updating Organization Chart and HR system, handling performance appraisal, and creating Job Analysis, Job Description, Key Performance Indicator
  8. Handling people development processes such as training and talent management